It’s more than a logo. It’s a reputation.

A brand isn’t just one thing. It is everything the public thinks and knows about your organization and is driven by their collective perceptions, emotions and experiences. Great brands are more than a logo or a name. They have a clear purpose, distinct position and unique identity.

A brand is derived from who you are,who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Therefore, a well-designed brand is grounded in research and discovery. Before our creative work begins,we dedicate time to “get to know you.” We seek to understand your business and immerse ourselves in your world to reveal insights that inform the branding strategy.

Our branding process focuses on strategy but also incorporates logo and identity design, naming, brand guides,taglines, and brand messaging. The strategy provides a strong foundation by defining what sets you apart, why you matter and who needs to know, and it creates a road map for how to build your brand to most effectively align who you are with your unique market.

We’ll develop your full brand strategy or create your visual identity system, and our process accommodates new and existing brands. From startups to established firms, we’ll start from scratch or transform your brand from who you were to who you want to become with the goal remaining the same – consistently and effectively reflect and communicate your organization’s unique identity.

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